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Jewelry placed on stacked cash

Collecting coins, watches, and jewelry is a rewarding pastime, both emotionally and financially. But if you want to obtain the highest value for your collection, you should always take it to an expert. The right gemologist and numismatist can recognize your prized items for their full value.

We pay top dollar for gold, silver and platinum and coins and other precious metals & currency. Turn your out-of-style jewelry or any piece that has not been worn in years into cash now. At Sparta Coin & Jewelry, we value by the item, not just the price of gold or silver. This means that the history behind your items matters just as much the material. We have been a trusted buyer of precious metals for over 25 years. Contact us today to arrange a FREE, no-obligation appraisal of your pieces.

Buying Gold, Silver, Coins, Diamonds/Gems, Watches & More

Our Team is dedicated to buying & selling gold, silver, jewelry and precious metals at prices that make everyone happy. If you need to sell your valuables, we are always happy to give you a fair value for it. Contact us today to arrange your next transaction.

Bring your jewelry, gold and silver coins, and vintage paper bills to Sparta Coin & Jewelry for a no obligation appraisal. We will evaluate your valuables, explain to you the current market value for each item, and help you determine if now is a good time to sell, and make you a fair offer to purchase your valuables. We are authorized PCGS, NGC, APMEX, ANACS and CAC dealers. We are also an authorized dealer for the United States Mint.

We Buy & Sell

  • Diamonds
  • Estates
  • Gem Stones
  • Gold and Silver Bullion
  • Gold and Silver Coins
  • Gold and Silver Jewelry
  • Gold, Silver, and Precious Metals
  • High-End Watches
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Pocket Watches
  • US Coin Collections
  • US Paper Currency
  • Watch Batteries